Hitler and Stalin in Devil’s museum

My visited Devil’s museum is very ineresting place to see. It’s only one in the world of this kind. The museum has more than 1 thousand of devils, whitches and other strange creatures from around the world. The museum is very old, it has 53 years of it’s activity. One of the most intesesting exponation is Hitler and Stalin devils, doing the dance of death. You will see them in the video above.

Devil's museum
In the picture above is shown a painter Antanas Zmuidzinavicius. He is a founder of this Devil’s museum. There is also a gallery of his arts, but there is not allowed to make fotos. Super talented man in my opinion. He has died in 1966 in August 9 (aged 89). Quite strange numbers of his death date.

Alcohol of devil  Fingers of devil
There is a lot of interesting stories, explications, advices written bellow of exhibits, like how to get rid of devil, how to make an elixir of youth, his relations with alcohol, money, women, witches, … Everything is written in 4 languages.
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